ViperJet eX

The Viper Aircraft ViperJet is a small home-built jet aircraft by Viper Aircraft Corporation. It is a conventional, low-wing monoplane with swept wings and tail and two seats in tandem under a bubble canopy [Wikipedia].
Aerobask's take on this beautiful jet features winglets and smoke emitters for extra fun.


  • Completely new aircraft:
  • Built from the ground for X-Plane 12
  • New flight model by X-Aerodynamics
  • New FMOD sound pack by Daniela Carreri Rodrigues
  • New 3D and textures
  • New custom code by SkunkCrafts
  • Apple M1 Rosetta compatible
  • Apple M1 native support through later update
  • 3D model
  • PBR 4K textures and normal maps for new X-Plane 12 rendering engine
  • 7 gorgeous liveries with an additional white for painters
  • Ground equipment: battery-powered GPU, remove-before-flight ribbons, chocks, tow bar
  • VR-friendly manipulators, vrconfig file provided
  • Custom-coded instruments:
  • Avidyne EXP5000 with optional synthetic vision and moving map by OscarPilot.
  • Head-Up-Display (HUD) with AP, flaps and AB information, optional auto FOV change
  • DFC90 autopilot with popup
  • GTX330 transponder with timers, altitude monitor, contrast control and more
  • GNC255 COM2/NAV2 combo unit
  • MVP50 engine monitoring system with independant brightness
  • RC3 trim indicators, with clickable zones for easier manipulation
  • AOA Pro angle of attack indicator
  • CO200K smart watch with timer and alert
  • Flybox Oblo attitude and altitude backup instrument for the pilot
  • SAM MD302 attitude and altitude backup instrument for rear-seat
  • GMA345 audio panel
  • ACI e-Flaps controller
  • Smoke system with configurable colors and emitters
  • Extensive option and configuration panel
  • All instruments with a screen and the autopilot have configurable popups and popouts
  • High quality sounds
  • Full FMOD environment by Daniela Rodriguez Careri
  • Accurate doppler, distance attenuation and flyby effects
  • In-game volume control without pausing the sim
  • Noise-reduction headset for comfortable flights
  • Cockpit
  • Highly detailed panel, switches and seats
  • Fully animated rudder with toe brakes
  • Canopy lock and seal logic
  • Stowable tablet
  • Superb night lighting with backlight and panel illumination control
  • Canopy with new rain and defrost effects
  • Fully functional breakers with customizable reliability
  • Third-party support:
  • Avitab integration with our custom configuration panel
  • Support for RealityXP GTN750 (to be tested when available for XP12, may require update)
  • Laminar's GNS530 and custom GTX330 are default setting, replaced by GTN750 when available and activated by user.
  • More to be announced later

Available for X-Plane 12 | Windows/Mac/Linux.
8GB+ VRAM Recommended