Epic E1000 Skyview

According Epic Aircraft : '' The Epic E1000 all composite, carbon fiber aircraft redefines the standard of excellence in the personal aviation marketplace. With slingshot acceleration, jet-class speed of more than 325 knots, climb rate of 4000 feet per minute, range of 1650 nautical miles. ''

Our virtual plane is designed with the cooperation of SOMMA Aviation. The E1000 is powered by a PT6A 1200 SHP.

  • High quality 3D model with High-Res texture 4K, Ambient Occlusion, Specular and Normal mapping.
  • Dedicated PBR textures for X-Plane 11.
  • Fully functional Virtual 3D cockpit.
  • 3 EFIS Dynon Skyview with deep custom logic, custom MAP & FMS, SID/STAR (waypoint based only), Airways support, custom TCAS and pop-up display.
  • Engine Instrument System MVP50, 2 Garmin GNC255, 1 STEC5000 Autopilot. Weather ADDS, TCAS and vocal alerts.
  • Pop-Up menu : options, fuel & weight, GPU
  • Fully animated door, flight controls, canopy, gear, all levers
  • Panoramic windshield with reflections, rain and icing effects.
  • Many custom sounds : engine, gear, flaps, door, vocal alert, callout
  • Enhanced 3D sound engine through a SASL functions.
  • Liveries : more 9 different paint schemes
  • Wings ice effect
  • Ground Power Unit

Videos and Screenshots

Videos by Thomas Rasmussen




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